My story and my journey...


Had the chance to meet Gary V in private when he visited Malaysia



I co-founded Funnel Duo Media - a funnel design agency which leverages strategized frameworks and targeted marketing solutions. The agency has generated over a total of $15MM for our clients and internal projects.

Since the early 2010s, after recognizing the hotspot in marketing digital offers, I’ve combined Design & Marketing effortlessly like no other (according to others). Some world-class brands and entrepreneurs I’ve worked with are School of Bots Frank Kern, Dan Lok, and Mike Dillard.



I was born the eldest and raised in an ordinary Chinese family. My parents said I bear the hopes and dreams. Graduating degree and master in engineering schools, I started my career as a Sales Engineer.

Sales Engineer is a better term for salesman. This initial experience has laid foundations for my journey in becoming a master in conversion.

Coming from a mechanical engineering background, it’s hard for me to not break anything into systems, structures and pieces. During the year of the Great Recession, I began flipping websites. I was only 21 and fresh for the world.

I came from an ordinary family. I didn't really grow up with an entrepreneurial dream...

Everything happens for a reason. I didn't really grow up with an entrepreneurial dream...



I knew how to sell to someone, but marketing was a completely different game. Good marketing requires the efforts of strategic plans and thoughtful executions, expert marketing requires experience and endless market analysis.

I knew how to design, too. I mainly picked it up myself out of interest and curiosity, they call it self-taught.

Combining both marketing and design, that was how the formula “Design + Marketing = Jackson” was proven. 



For the past decade, I’ve engaged with clients like Mike Dillard, Frank Kern, Dan Lok, Brad Lea and other widely known entrepreneurs. I have helped hundreds of business leaders and companies to grow and scale their businesses to an entirely new level.

Together with my brother, Reeve Yew, we founded Funnel Duo Media to cater the creatives and psychological needs of digital businesses. To date, we have generated approximately 15 million trackable revenues for our clients. 

In 2019, Success Resources founder and my mentor, Richard Tan, recognized my achievements and invited me to speak at Master Of The Century alongside Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, Blair Singer, Anik Singal, and Nas Daily.

You can’t find me on neither Fiverr nor Upwork. I’m a wild card that will continue to elevate entrepreneurs and businesses by traveling miles out of the box.

I talk design from a marketing perspective AND marketing from a design perspective.



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