December 14, 2020


by Jackson Yew

Before we know it, it’s already the last month of 2020.

This year has been one hell of a ride, hasn’t it? What a time to be alive.

We have put the scene of New Year fireworks lighting up the first skies of year 2020 far behind us.

The crowded malls and streets in the first two months of 2020 have long been replaced by plain sights and emptiness.

I bet most of us working adults have never imagined ourselves staying home for such a long period of time.

In return of the cities and towns turning quiet, laughter and joys (maybe chaos?) slowly filled houses as we spent more time with our loved ones.

There were also some of us who couldn’t fly home and have to be miles away from family and friends involuntarily. I hope you guys have practiced peaceful solitary through solitudes.

This week, I’d like to celebrate the wins of those who our team treasure.

Some of these amazing and outstanding individuals met us through social media, ads, webclasses, in person. They are from different backgrounds and walked different paths in lives.

They share one thing in common, though. They chose to trust themselves and Funnel Duo Media, took the chance and became the saviours in pivoting their lives.

Hall of Fame (Year 2020)

Before I go beyond this line, I want you to know that even if your face is not right here, we treasure you equally. I could write a super long post here, or I can keep it short and sweet so I could keep you coming back. I hope you understand.

Shanice Siew Huei is a lecturer at University Tunku Abdul Rahman. She hasn’t exposed herself to Digital Marketing before Funnel Duo Media.

When she first picked up designing landing pages for international clients online, she had her full time job to juggle. Nonetheless, she managed to serve clients who paid 4 figures for her brilliant works one after another and still delivered timely! A classic example of Wonder Woman.

And yes! You read that right. Even without prior experience in building funnels and internet marketing, Shanice delivered brilliant results by following the steps by steps we provide.

A former assistant manager, now full time sales funnel strategist since December 2019 – Wei-Lip Teo has created miracles.

In his first 11 weeks of implementation and cold calling potential leads, he ended with nothing. No sales, no revenues. 11 weeks is a long time, most of us would have given up and started playing the blame game. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for Weilip. 

In February 2020, after weeks of trying, FIVE clients engaged with Weilip within a short 2 weeks time. Today, he is self employed and is building strategic funnels for clients from all over the world!

Ashley says: “Life is about breaking through the cocoon and becoming the butterfly.”

Within one month of enrolling into our coaching program, this sassy lady here took on her first client from France!

She focused on

1) Building Better Design

2) Building Good Branding

3) Building Connections.

By focusing on building herself in these three areas, she yielded results. Take Ashley’s words, be brave enough to create your own path in life and you’ll surely blossom!

For those who know Nana’s story, you know. Nana hit rock bottom earlier this year. He was alone in Singapore without any extended support. This young man from a biomedical background borrowed some cash from his friend to attend one of our courses, it quickly whirlwind into a decision that completely changed his outlook for 2020.

Within the first week of taking action, Nana made $80 sales. It wasn’t a gigantic amount, but it sparked a bigger flame. Within a month, he was headhunted by Reshveen Rajendran, a member of Russell Brunson’s 2CommaClub.

Reshveen recognized Nana’s work and appointed him to manage and build a funnel. That project turned out to have made 6-figure.

Nana is one of our thousands of students who have overachieved their initial goals.

We do have plenty of other names to mention: Bryan Chan, Mervin Martin, Xwen Goh, Jamal, Jedy, Edwin Teo and more who you might have seen and heard of before.

To each and every one of you, thank you for journeying with us in 2020. We would love to be part of your futures.


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