May 11, 2021

Freelance Photographer, Now Agency Owner Earning Over USD10,000 In 2 Months

by Jackson Yew

Have you ever had to choose between doing a job that you love and having a job that actually pays?

If you choose your passion, you might end up going broke and won’t be able to pay the bills.

If you choose the well-paying job, you won’t have the time and energy left to pursue your passion (but at least you can feed your family).

For many young people, this is a dilemma that they will have to face once they start working. Most of the time, many would have to end up sacrificing their passion in order to have financial stability.

Some would get stuck here for a very long time, while others eventually manage to find the balance between pursuing their passions and having financial stability.

Before you say that this is impossible, we’d like you to meet Bryan Chan.

Bryan joined our community of aspiring landing page designers and funnel builders in 2019 and has made designing funnels a steady side hustle to support his other projects.

His passion is photography and storytelling. Together with his wife, they have done a few projects for News Straits Times and National Geographic. But according to Bryan, they’re currently not doing much of those projects anymore and would definitely do more if they have the time and money.

Because of this, he approached Jackson last year to find out how he can make money online to support his projects.

Bryan’s goal for this hustle is to create something that is scalable, which means that he wants to build a business that brings him money without needing a lot of his attention and time so that he can focus on other things too.

He aims to create SOPs and a system that can be passed on to other people so that in the end, all he has to do is give directions when needed.

Enjoying What He Does

During the call, Bryan said he’s currently working on a client’s webinar. He’s taking things slow for the moment and was not looking to make a huge amount of money in one shot.

He’s willing to invest the time to do this for a longer term and probably collaborate with a marketer.

Bryan found out that he really enjoys doing this business. He met a lot of cool people and enjoyed working with many clients from different backgrounds.

At the same time, he also said that learning to design and build funnels for other people have also been good for his growth as a business owner. Bryan’s looking forward to using funnels for his own business in the future.

For now, he’s experimenting by creating some of his own and at the same time, learning the ropes as he builds funnels for his clients.

Bryan said that he’s currently doing the entire process by himself, but he’s looking forward to outsourcing and he’s slowly moving towards that. He’s already moving on from being self-employed to becoming a business owner.

He Used to Dislike Talking to Clients

Bryan is one of our most successful students and many others from his batch and newer ones have reached out to him for his advice and help on a number of things related to funnels and landing pages.

However, just like many others, Bryan also faced some struggles. He said that when he first started designing, he really did not like talking to clients on calls and would rather just chat in Messenger.

Whenever possible, he would avoid getting on calls because it used to stress him out.

“In the past, I actually was very averse to getting on calls. I was somehow finding reasons to avoid getting on calls, you know? Because before, I think I had the idea that I have to sell.”

– Bryan Chan on avoiding calls with clients in the past.

He said that this might be because he approached it wrongly and he MUST sell something. Jackson added that this is a common fear and mindset for newcomers. Most of them think that if they don’t close any sales by the end of the call, they have failed.

Bryan decided that this simply won’t do, so he changed the way he thinks when he got on calls with potential clients. He said that he’s no longer avoiding calls and now he actually enjoys it very much, especially when he can close deals.

These days, he doesn’t feel any expectations when he gets on calls. He will just talk to them, ask the details and decide if he can help them or not. If he can, then he will make an offer.

With that same mindset and determination,

Bryan managed to surpass USD 10,000 of sales in his first 2 months in the business. 

His clients love him.

To Bryan, it’s now an easy process and he somehow made it complicated before or he may have used the wrong approach. It’s also more comfortable for both him and his clients to talk now. Bryan thinks this is an important part of his growth in this business.

Jackson said that instead of just selling, focus should be given on providing consultation and this is exactly the change that Bryan made to make calls a whole lot easier.

Goals For the Future

Bryan’s long-term goal would be to come up with a game plan and have a team execute it for him. However, he really enjoys designing funnels and it’s something that he’d be glad to continue doing by himself.

“If there’s something in the whole business that I really don’t mind continuing to do is designing funnels. It is something that I really enjoy.”

– Bryan Chan

He wants to outsource because doing everything by himself feels like a lot – he has to do the marketing, get on calls with clients and focus on the designing and building parts.

To him, it can get overwhelming if he continues to do everything alone, especially if there are multiple projects going on at the same time.

Jackson’s advice for Bryan and other business owners looking to expand is to avoid adding more services to what they already have currently. When they’re trying to make it like a one-stop shop, it usually doesn’t work very well.

Instead, they should focus on what they already provide and find out how to improve the existing services.

So far, Bryan has made approximately USD20,000 from designing landing pages and building funnels as a side hustle.

He is still working hard and pushing forward to achieve the freedom to pursue his photography and storytelling projects.

Like Bryan, many of our students have made their first online income with our tried-and-tested formula, and they’re still rocking it!

Join our community and you too can begin your online business journey today.


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