May 12, 2021

Getting Himself Out Of A Rut

by Jackson Yew

Have you ever gone through a phrase in your life where you’re not sure what you actually want to do, which ends up with you not doing anything at all?

Have you ever put a lot of thought, effort and money into something, only to find yourself doubting if this is all worth it?

For many people, these situations are all too familiar.

We recently got in touch with one of our students, Jarrett Yew, in a catch up call where he shared the story of his journey since he decided to try his hand at designing landing pages and building funnels. Jarrett talked to us about his goals and struggles he faced in making the changes in his life when he decided to fully dedicate himself to designing.

Jarrett joined our community near the end of March 2020, which was about one week before the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented in the country. Before joining the course, he worked as a software developer.

According to Jarrett, the main reason why he joined the course was because he had always wanted to work with clients from outside of Malaysia, but back then, he had no idea how to effectively do this.

“I wanted to work with clients from overseas, but I’m not sure how to do it. And then, I just knew I needed to find a different way to do it.”

– Jarrett Yew

He said that he had tried to find many different ways to do it, but he was not sure if there were any simple but effective ways to achieve what he wanted.

Eventually, Jarrett discovered Design Hacking Masterclass and our community on Facebook, where he also found out that the course offers guidance on making landing pages. As a software developer, landing pages and funnels are not unfamiliar concepts to him but it was something that he had never tried doing.

To Jarrett, both of those make sense and would be good sources of online income. At the same time, he will also be taught how to find clients online, which is something that he’s been looking for.

During the call, Jarrett said that he’s currently working with a client in the copywriting industry. This client has not been able to make profit and because of the Movement Control Order started *lockdown in Malaysia, the client wanted to shift his business to online mode, which tells Jarrett that the client really needs a website to get things moving.

At first, the client wanted to have a landing page, but decided to get an e-commerce site instead. Jarrett delivered it in 3 days, but was still helping the client work on it every night after his working hours by hopping on calls with him. Jarrett is very dedicated to helping this client because he knew of the struggles he was facing.

Sometimes, they were on the call up until 2 – 3 A.M. to troubleshoot and get everything running smoothly.

The client said that during the first month, he could not see any results since the site was new and most people are still not used to the new norm of businesses going online. 

But since then, his client has managed to make 6 figures in profit!

Jarrett himself was very happy and proud of this client since he started as someone who barely managed to scrape by and keep his business afloat. Now, he’s in a comfortable position and Jarrett has proposed that he creates a funnel for him. They were still working on this funnel.


Like many others, Jarrett’s journey in a new niche is not always smooth. Even as someone who’s somewhat familiar with digital marketing, he met obstacles along the way and struggled to overcome them. 

Jarrett said that his biggest challenge he faced was the period of time when he did not have the motivation to do anything after quitting his previous job to focus his time on designing landing pages and creating funnels.

Basically, he did not feel like doing anything. Many can relate to this feeling.

Even if he received clients, he tried to push them aside and he recognizes this as one of his problems. After quitting his job, he thought that he’d double down on this business but he had a moment of doubting if he made the right decision.

He felt a lot of negativity having to stay at home during the MCO period. He talked about his new business to his family, but they mostly did not understand his many ideas.  

Jarrett thinks that the period of when he didn’t feel like doing anything was caused by burnout and him not wanting to deal with too many things. At the same time, he was also feeling burnt out and thought that if a project doesn’t go smoothly, more of his time and effort will be consumed.

He also said that he needs more practice to improve on his designs so that he will be more confident in promoting them in social media. 

Finding the Right Push

Jarrett is very much aware of his problem and knew that he needed to tackle this as soon as possible. To give himself some momentum, he started posting more mockups to Facebook and created challenges for himself.

He asked Jackson for advice on how to push himself and get that sense of urgency to start working more. 

Jarrett might be going through burnout caused by the shift to self-employment. Now that he doesn’t have a boss to answer to and he doesn’t have pressing financial urgency, he finds himself lacking the motivation to take on projects.

Jackson’s advice was to start accepting clients instead of turning them down. Even if he really did not feel like taking on any projects, once he started taking clients again, Jarrett will now have the obligation to complete those projects for the clients.

This alone is a huge push and urgency for anybody facing the same problem as Jarrett.

What’s Next For Jarrett?

Jarrett stated that he’s working on getting himself back on track and he’s very determined to overcome the obstacle. After all, he did manage to make a significant income in a few months with just a few designing projects.

Imagine what he can accomplish if he’s at his 100%!

Jarrett also said that he wants to post more on Facebook and increase his own engagement so that he will feel the motivation to take on more clients.

“I think I just need to create the momentum, just build something up and then put myself out again once more.”

– Jarrett Yew

Despite the setbacks, Jarrett is very happy that he joined us as a Design Hacking Masterclass student because it has changed the way he viewed digital marketing as a whole.

Most people are very cautious and are worried about getting scammed by online businesses. For Jarrett, he now views it more as offline businesses shifting to online, which changes the way people interact.

He thought that if he never joined this course, he would never have encountered all the online marketing things, met amazing clients and it’s pretty awesome because if he didn’t go through this journey, he wouldn’t have explored new and different things about digital marketing.

Everyone will face some form of obstacle in what they’re doing. But if you’re determined and persistent like Jarrett, these are all just temporary setbacks that might be giving you the time you need to think and plan for your next action.

Jarrett Yew is one of the many success stories that we get from our talented community.

Want to learn more? Check out our community today to discover the formula that has helped Jarrett and many other people to make their first online income.


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