From Bullion to Blockchain, Equity for All.

A suite of blockchain tokens backed by real-world assets. Invest in digital gold & silver, own a piece of bullion minting business, or simply share the profit. Your choice.

Pros & Cons of Gold & Silver

Gold Is One Of The Oldest

Monetary Assets

But gold also comes with a few disadvantages. You can’t go to the local supermarket, gas station or restaurant and spend your gold. Many wars have been fought for gold. It is a precious asset you have to physically keep safe.


The Ohio Mint x STBL Tokens

Your Physical Gold & Silver 

Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, we have created a unique ecosystem of asset-backed tokens, each serving a distinct financial purpose. Whether you’re seeking stability, growth, or consistent returns, our token suite caters to your investment needs.

Trustworthy Backing

Both gold and silver have served as unshakable stores of value over millennia.

Inflation Resistant

STBL’s value remains robust against inflationary pressures with the backing of gold and silver.

Liquidity On-Demand

STBL token holders can spend their balances easily through STBL Visa Debit Card funded by your tokens.

Physical Delivery

Token holders can hold the physical equivalent of their digital token, without forfeiting potential future digital appreciation.

Audits & Security

Quarterly checks by top accounting firms guarantee the integrity of every token’s physical backing.

Legal & Security Measures

We adhere to all legal compliance and embed anti-counterfeiting measures in physical tokens, ensuring authenticity at every step.

Unlock The Power Of Gold

With The Security Of A Digital Token


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Experience no-fees storage as we leverage the global vaults of our trusted partners around the world who each have a strong track record of safeguarding precious metals for institutions.

Our Unique Proposition

A Chance To Own A Bullion Mint

There are only 20 private mints in the USA. This is your opportunity to own one of them. The Ohio Mint manufactures pure silver and gold rounds (or coins). The burgeoning demand for precious metals makes the venture profitable… seemingly minting money.

As a STBL token holder that has Equity and/or Profit Sharing, you will have the greatest access to creating new wealth for yourself.

Owners of Equity tokens will have a legal and literal share of the Mint proportonial to their holdings. Profit Sharing token holders will receive quarterly cash (or token) distributions from the profits of the Mint.

How it works

The STBL Tokenomic Diagram

The entire ecosystem is backed by The Ohio Mint & it’s proven operation. 

About Us

Backed By Bullion Veterans,

Set Out To Democratize The World Of Digital Asset Investment

STBL is borne out of The Ohio Mint – a well-established manufacturer and supplier of gold and silver bullion, bars, and rounds in Mount Vernon. 

Our years of expertise in minting high-quality precious metals set the foundation for the STBL project. Leveraging our rich history and industry know-how, we’re venturing into the realm of digital finance to offer you the unique blend of security of tangible assets and the flexibility of cryptocurrencies.

Exchange STBL Tokens

for Physical Gold & Silver Anytime

Take control of your gold-backed wealth at your fingertips, wherever you are in the world.

join the revolution

Open invite to 1st batch of investors

The Ohio Mint has already proven our profitability in 2023 and is aiming to increase our production by tenfold (10x) in the next 12 months. Hence, we’re inviting deposits that will be entirely backed by silver.