January 25, 2021


by Jackson Yew

Year 2011.

That was the year I first stepped foot into the US.

I have just graduated from university and wanted to enjoy life a little bit more before going into the real world and start my “career”.

The first day I landed, I saw this red car.

A classic that appears in a lot of American movies.

Ford Mustang.

Back then, I never saw a Mustang on the street (It wasn’t until 2016 that Ford finally import Mustang into Malaysia)

So yeah, it was a big deal when I first saw it with my own eyes.

Kinda like seeing Tom Cruise in person.

I wasn’t really a car person, still ain’t one, but Mustang is one of the few cars that I think look really amazing.

So, I took this photo.

But no, this isn’t the cliche kind of story where I vow to myself that one day I will buy one of these…

In fact, my life and the way I grew up has always been pretty conservative.

I didn’t grow up with a big dream.

I was the kind of person that told himself to pick a safe job, have a “OK” salary, start a family, live happily for the rest of my life.

I didn’t choose the entrepreneurial path. It chose me. (a story for another day?)

So back to 2011, I saw the car, took a photo with it and life went on.

2011, Hurricane, Utah

I didn’t even remember taking this photo until a couple of weeks ago when Google Photo reminded me of this day, 9 years ago.

Year 2020, the year of Pandemic.

It was June.

Lockdown in Malaysia finally ended after 3 long months.

One of my friends decided to go car shopping after being stuck at home for too long.

If I didn’t feel the same, I probably wouldn’t bother to tag along.

But such is life.

The first time I saw it at the car dealer.

It was love at first sight.

I was driving a pretty decent SUV and I didn’t need an extra car. However, when I saw it, my heart was throbbing with excitement of wanting to own it.

Being a “safe” person as I have always been, I didn’t make a decision there and then.

I actually took a few weeks to think about it, doing my research online about the car, asking around for opinions and so on.

I was seeking for reasons to “disqualify” my desire and excitement.

But at one point something suddenly clicked.

I thought to myself…

“If not this, then what?”

“If not now, then when?”

If buying this is something that can make me happy, then why not? Why suppress it?

Growing up I have made a lot of choices based on what others say or think, but when will it be the time that I am finally gonna be standing up for myself and hold my head up high saying 

“Yes, this is what I want, and this is what I am gonna do”?

After that, the rest is history.

I have owned this red baby for 6 months now, and I have never once regretted making the decision to buy it on that day.

2020, somewhere on a roadtrip

Even though I am not exactly a car enthusiast, everytime I sit behind the wheel, it reminds me that it’s ok to desire for more, and that it is OK to dream bigger.

There are times when people ask me…

What if I didn’t start Funnel Duo?

What if I were still an engineer?

What if I didn’t almost go bankrupt with the last business?

What if I didn’t lose all my money to MLM scams?

To that, I say heck it.

I have tried to “play safe” my whole life, but it’s the exact opposite that has led me to where I am today.

Every little decision you make will determine your life, for better or worse.

All you have to do is make sure you are giving your all, doing everything the best you can.



Ford, Mustang

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