November 23, 2020


by Jackson Yew

What Does It Mean?

Restructuring a company implies that we’re making financial shifts and operational restructure within the team of 20+ people (still in the progress of actively interviewing candidates as I’m typing these).

It’s Jackson here, giving you insights on my past week.

Lots of things have been going through my mind lately (although I don’t recall a time I don’t think about something).

The main purpose of me restructuring the company that my brother and I have poured in time and efforts is because, to be honest, we didn’t know it’d grow at such rapid scale.

It’s time for us to allocate our resources to 10x whatever we’re doing right now.

Just 10 months ago, we had about 13 of us together scraping funnels and monitoring ad accounts. 10 months later, we’re curating exciting contents for the world and launching three products at the same time.

A president or a prime minister isn’t able to withhold and rule a country alone. The country needs a cabinet, it needs different parties and houses, it requires diversified solutions for every underlying problem.

We apply the same structure when it comes to running a company, big or small. The management nurtures the leaders, the leaders nurture the executives, the executives nurture the juniors.

In this week’s newsletter, I’ll inform you about the importance of company restructuring at any point of your business in order to scale your business massively.

What’s The News?!

People grow with the company, company grows with the people.


It’s time to take grooming my team members to the next level.

Moving forward, our team will adapt to Amazon’s Day One Mentality to help reach more lives and transform more businesses, including our own.

If everyday were your Day One at work, it’s all the more reason for you to feel anew and be goals-getting.

I foresee that a company and its people are bound to fall behind without such a mentality. Employees face burn out situations quickly, and company growth will face stagnation followed by a decline.

Second, equal opportunities will also be given to all team members. When it comes to hiring, we’re always looking for that one specific person with specific skill sets. These people are known as the specialists.

Reeve and I are generalists, we tend to to pick and do anything. Everything. That’s what a founder or any entrepreneur would do. And this is what we want to instill in each brilliant person in our company.

They’re meant for more than just 9-5 jobs. Won’t you agree?

In order to succeed and go further in life, it’s crucial for us to allow our team members to explore out of their expertise zones and excel beyond their imaginations.

I strongly believe that a writer doesn’t always have to be writing, s/he could crawl out of the backend and be the front face of a content video. A digital marketer doesn’t always have to be watching over ad cost and statistics, s/he could be interacting and serving customers directly and differently.

My team members will be granted more chances in terms of decision making and driving results.

And even for you, your current and future team members won’t need to limit themselves to a specific task. Instead, allow them spaces to find out how they can best serve your customers and clients.

Tips This Week!

Tip #1: If you’re thinking of restructuring your company or rather, you’re looking forward to forming your own team and have some considerations – ask yourself these 40 strategic questions.

They’ll be your deciding factors.

Tip #2: Use SMART objectives to improve performance (even for your personal usage).

Employ SMART objectives to your goals. Here are the definitions you need to bind to your heart:

S – Specific. Your goal objective has to be precise. “Increase customer satisfaction” is not specific enough, try adding a rating or give this goal a timeframe.

M – Measurable. Measuring your goals gives you the upper hand in determining whether or not a goal has been achieved.

A – Achievable. Goals that are unrealistic or seemingly unattainable are discouraged. Although it’s good to have challenges, it’s even more important to cultivate an environment where wins can be celebrated.

R – Relevant. This is where your company’s values and mission comes to act. All goals set by your team members should contribute and lead to the final mission.

T – Timeliness. How soon can this goal be attained? Is there a specific date? Having a due date helps everyone be on track to accomplish a bigger goal together.

What’s Next?

This week I celebrate my team members.

Next week, I’ll be celebrating even more students’ wins who have been with us in this journey.


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