February 12, 2021

Turning His Passion Into USD18,000 In Sales

by Jackson Yew

Starting something new is often a struggle for most people.

But learning the ropes and finding your way is part of the struggles that come with pushing yourself to something new.

Just ask Wei-Lip Teo!

Wei-Lip overcame his fears of unfamiliar adventures to start a hustle that allows him to enjoy the flexibility of a work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

All About The Trade

Wei-Lip’s ultimate passion? Trading!

For quite some time, Wei-Lip wanted to expand his trading expertise to something that would allow him to work anytime, anywhere and earn a comfortable living.

And that’s when he stumbled upon the Design Hacking Masterclass (DHM) course.

“My mission is always to make money online and hopefully be able to work anywhere I want.

— Wei-Lip Teo

Wei-Lip found that what DHM was teaching was exactly what he needed to kickstart his venture — and get the guidance he needed to grow his trading services.

“I’ve always been interested in marketing. The DHM course was practical and looked pretty easy to follow, so I was immediately interested as to what it was offering,” Wei-Lip told us.

Secured His First Client In 2 Months

Wei-Lip found his true passion in helping fellow traders expand their own business, by building landing pages and funnels for them!

wei-lip teo
Landing page mockups from Wei-Lip whilst he started his business.

“Of course, starting out with that had it’s difficulties.”

Wei-Lip continued. “My clients were like me, scared of unfamiliar territories at some point.”

“They’ve faced problems before, and they were scared of trying new things again.”

But with time came experience.

And Wei-Lip started to get the hang of solving all kinds of client problems, finding better solutions.

Ultimately? He became a seasoned expert at landing pages, funnels and some aspects of marketing.

The Secret? Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

“How can my skills and tools serve people in the trading niche?”

“How do I find out the best service I can offer them?”

These were just some of the questions Wei-Lip had when he was starting out his adventure, much like anyone.

He was unsure of how to approach them with his help since they might not understand what is he actually offering.

Of course, this problem can apply to any niche, not just trading!

There are many who have the skills to help others in their niche but lack the knowledge on how to approach them with an offer.

Wei-Lip’s concern is that people who do not have digital marketing knowledge would probably not understand what he’s saying.

Yet, he needed to find a solution for this ASAP. A method to communicate with his clients about their problems, without confusing them.

The answer?

Wei-Lip decided to pursue the alternative of asking his target group directly.

wei-lip teo
Wei-Lip’s (Leo) funnels and landing page designs have gained his rave testimonials on his Facebook!

Whoever’s reading this can do the same thing too!

Engaging with your target groups can be done by joining more Facebook groups — so you can see what it’s members are talking about. Bear in mind that this is done to survey the market, not self-promotion.

Instead of frantically trying to close more leads and get clients, notice their problems, their desires, their questions.

wei-lip teo
More of testimonials from Wei-Lip’s Facebook page.

All of these are diamonds that can indeed be used for your marketing campaigns on your own personal Facebook pages, social media platforms and so on.

How do you succeed like Wei-Lip?

What’s next for Wei-Lip?

He has plans to expand his business by building a team for himself. That, would be in order to outsource more projects to his team; and Wei-Lip could focus on providing more services to his clients.

“In my opinion, the consistent flow of clients always comes first.”

— Wei-Lip, on his opinion of building a team vs. finding more clients.

Since he joined us in early December 2019, Wei-Lip has managed to generate around 15,000 to 18,000 USD (RM60,907 – RM73,809) from his landing page projects…

…Even whilst doing his funnel building as a side hustle!

You can follow Wei-Lip one his Facebook page to take a sneak peek at more of his successful funnels.

Wei-Lip Teo is one of our many students who have unlocked our secrets in making online side income, all from the comfort of their homes.

If you are looking for a game-changing hustle opportunity that will transform the way you make money online (like Wei-Lip), then click here to find out! 😉


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