May 12, 2021

The Journey To USD9,000 For Interior Designer Turned Full-Time Funnel Builder

by Jackson Yew

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.”

– Abraham Maslow

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you feel like everything has gone stagnant and you’re stuck with this feeling that you are no longer growing or progressing in any way?

Whether it’s your studies, career or anything in life, you feel like whatever you’re currently doing is no longer teaching you anything new or giving you valuable things to look forward to.

You decide that it’s time for you to move on and let your life flow once again.

This is what Yee Lun Ng was going through when he decided to take the leap of faith and join our learning community in November 2019.

In a recent catch-up call, Yee Lun shared the story of his experiences and journey from before he joined us until he became one of our star students.

Before joining our Design Hacking Masterclass, Yee Lun worked full – time as an interior designer and also learned how to make social media content on a part – time basis.

He’s always on the go and wanting to learn something new to expand his knowledge.

What attracted him to join this course and community was because he wanted to learn how to do self – marketing in social media and master the skills that he needs in order to grab the attention of clients from overseas.

He left his job as an interior designer right before the first Movement Control Order started in March 2020 because he felt like he cannot move forward and level himself up with what he was doing.

He felt that there’s nothing he can learn from there anymore. Basically, while he truly loved what he did, he truly believed that it was time for him to move on to something new to improve his income and life in general.

Yee Lun aimed for his monthly sales to exceed his previous monthly salary for March, April and May.

With hard work and dedication, he managed to achieve this and starting from June, he secured higher paying clients and worked for an agency too.

Yee Lun is also a very talented designer; he used his knowledge from his previous job as an interior designer and now uses those skills in designing landing pages.

He’s very happy that he decided to join this community, especially when it comes to self-marketing in social media. He never thought that Facebook could help him earn money.

To him, learning how to market his talents and services to an international audience has been a very valuable experience and knowledge that helped him improve his life in so many ways.

He learned a lot about entrepreneurship while before this he was only earning a certain amount of salary from working for other people.

Taking the Leap and Tackling the Challenges

While he actually joined in November 2019, Yee Lun said that he was not very focused on his new undertaking as he was still working at his previous job at that time.

In March 2020, right before the first MCO started, he quit his job and turned his entire focus on following the course and learning the ropes of designing landing pages and building funnels.

Yee Lun admitted that he was not used to posting so much on social media like Facebook and this made him quite nervous. Still, he never let his fear get the better of him and eventually managed to secure his very first client after three weeks of posting on Facebook.

“Actually, I felt fear first because I’m not used to posting something to Facebook. I wasn’t sure if I can do it or not, but I just tried.”

He took on the project despite his lack of confidence, which turned out to be a great success for him!

When designing, he said that he gets his ideas from the copywriting provided by the clients and translates it into images. This is how he manages to impress client after client with his great designs and ability to exceed their expectations.

Like our other students, he too faced his own share of challenges that he’s still working to overcome. 

For Yee Lun, his biggest problem right now is his lack of availability to take on more projects, but at the same time, he’s also having problems outsourcing his work. He wants to be more trusting when it comes to outsourcing work to someone. 

He’s having difficulty in outsourcing to people because of some unpleasant experiences.

When he tried to outsource his jobs to his fellow DHM members, some of them would say that they know that he got the projects from overseas clients and decide to charge him in US Dollars, which is not how outsourcing works. 

He had encountered 4-5 people who tried to pull this on him, which can be very frustrating for anybody.

He said that another reason behind his lack of trust towards others is because they always talk most about the design, but did not focus on the funnel flow and copywriting. Yee Lun gives equal attention to all of these aspects as he likes to deliver the very best to his clients.

“I think I need to trust someone more when I outsource to them because I’m having difficulty to outsource to people.”

Many of his fellow students have come to him for advice on getting more sales and charging higher rates.

Yee Lun wants to show them that it is not a get rich quick scheme and those who have just started in this niche need to build up their portfolio first.

That’s what I always say – the course does not tell how much money you can make and how much. Instead, it’s all about putting in the effort and being able to make money from it. 

How much you are able to make depends on how much you can charge and the more experienced you are, the higher you are able to charge. And this is exactly what Yee Lun himself is working on.

He aims to eventually charge USD1,000 per funnel but he’s still struggling to get there. Even so, he can see that he is indeed progressing step-by-step towards this goal.

He’s absolutely loving this course, highlighting the energy and mindset as the aspects that he likes most.

At the same time, he also enjoys the coaching sessions because of their transparency and the huge amount of knowledge shared. To him, this is such a contrast to those who refuse to share their knowledge with others because they are afraid of competition.

Yee Lun has so far made a total of USD9,000 from designing landing pages and building funnels, but he’s far from done!

He’s still working to improve himself and wants to eventually form a team to outsource his work in the future.

Do you want to learn the secrets of making income online like Yee Lun did?

Join our community here today and check out our tried-and-tested formula that has transformed the lives of our clients.

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